Hell's Bells and a Bucket of Wings

I only wanted a cheat meal after a long day of work subsisting on black coffee. A nice portion of crispy wings, made after my grandmaís special recipe. What did I get instead? A burning air fryer, a hissing cat (poor Milo, heís too old for my shenanigans), and a winged, horned, red-skinned demon in the midst of all the chaos. And if the fire extinguisher worked on the air fryer, it doesnít seem to be working on him.

Samael, King of Hell, The Seducer, The DestroyerÖ it takes him a minute to go through all his names and ranks. Meanwhile, I wonder if I fell asleep at my desk and Iím having a crazy dream. He proceeds to say that Iím a witch, and a pathetic one at that. His demonic highness doesnít have time for me, so I better ask for something or banish him.

One problem, though. I donít know how to do that. It turns out, my familyís secrets are vast, and my own mother has intentionally kept me in the dark. I canít banish Samael, and not just because I donít know the spell. I need him to help me discover who I truly am.

Can I trust him, though? Of course not. Heís a demon!

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