Caged (Primal Obsessions, Book 2)

My name is Aimee and I committed a crime. I walked onto a forbidden path - and now, that path is my cage.

Thereís no way out for a woman who knows the secret of the Pride. Monsters hide in the shadows and now, I belong to them.

Blaze, Gunner and Rock Pride. The Alpha lions who killed my friends. They could have killed me too, devoured me whole, torn me to pieces. It would have been more merciful.

The brand of a lion pride stains my skin. Their eyes haunt my dreams and their touch drives me crazy.

Iím lost in a world that doesnít make sense anymore. Iím human - they are not. Iím a woman. They are beasts. I am a prisoner and they are my captors. How can I want them as much as I do?

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