Heart of a Centaur (Monster Hearts)

I thought I was doing the right thing. Hunting down alien monsters for IMRA, stopping them from hurting people. Iím a hunter, and my job is done once theyíre captured and caged.

But then the tables turn, and I end up the prisoner of a centaur. He calls himself Athos and says heís a scholar from planet Yacheron. Heís been living on Earth for years, isolated in the mountains, never hurting anyone. I donít know if I should believe him. He tells me Iím his guest, not his prisoner, and as time passes and weíre forced to live in his hut until I heal, he reveals to me that Iím hisÖ mate.

How can it be possible? This attraction I feelÖ All-consuming, almost obsessiveÖ Itís madness. Because Iím human, and heís only half man. We werenít made to fit together.

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