Deviled Eggs with a Sprinkle of Sin

I knew attempting to cook something from scratch was a bad idea. All I wanted was to impress my friends with some homemade deviled eggs. Now thereís a seven-foot-tall creature of Hell in my kitchen whoís saying Iím a powerful witch and that I summoned him. Heís more than happy toÖ ahemÖ devil my eggs, if thatís my wish and command.

No. Not a witch, and I definitely donít want a horned and hooved demon, or his barbed tail anywhere near my eggs. Naberius is sin itself, and if I donít banish him quick, Iím afraid he might corrupt me.

One problem, though. I have no idea how I summoned him in the first place. It turns out my grandmaís recipe book is actually filled with spells, and since no one told me Iím a witch, I canít read them. Time to find out what really happened to the women in my family and why they kept me in the dark. It might take a trip to Hell and a contract signed with Naberius, but Iíll get to the bottom of it.

I know what youíre thinkingÖ Is it smart to sign a contract with a demon? No, itís not. But hear me outÖ

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