Wed to the Dragon (Arranged Monster Mates)

If I want to become the next Dragon King, I need a bride.

But a bride is easy to find. My brother has chosen one, and now it’s my turn. A soul mate, on the other hand… Over the last few centuries, the existence of perfect soul mates has become a legend. Dragons, just as humans, get bonded and then unbonded. That’s not what I want. While my brother has brought home a bride from a noble dragon family, I want to bring home a real soul mate, and I am willing to look beyond my species.

Our father, the Dragon King who’s given us years of prosperity, is retiring. Between my brother and I, he will choose the strongest to be his successor. And that means, the one who has the most loyal, devoted, and brave warrior bride.

Only the Temple can find my soul mate. A drop of blood, and I will have my DNA match. It will be perfect. She will be perfect for me, because the DNA test never fails. And when my one true soul mate joins me, we will sit on the throne together and be invincible.

But first, she’ll have to pass the three trials.

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