A Mate's Healing Touch

Itís been ten years since Caleb, Delta of the Crescents pack, lost the woman he loved in a bloody battle to protect his Alpha, the Alphaís bride, and their unborn pup. Calebís life has never been the same without Val, and heís still refusing to move on. Heís isolated himself from the pack, and heís avoiding Rosanna, Valís best friend, like the plague. He knows the blonde, sexy she-wolf has feelings for him, and every time he is around her, Caleb can barely fight their chemistry. No matter how much he wants Rosanna, he will never betray Valís precious memory.

Rosanna has grown tired of seeing Caleb, the love of her life, fall deeper and deeper into depression. Itís time for him to understand he canít live in the past, and sheís taking it upon herself to convince him. Her love should heal him, right? When their Alpha sends Caleb and his other Delta, Daniel, on a mission, Rosanna is the only one who knows Caleb is not ready to face any dangerous situation. When he makes a reckless call, she is there to protect him, even if it means risking her own life.

A Mateís Healing Touch is a sizzling hot standalone novella with a happily-ever-after. Intended for readers 18+.

Approximate word count: 17,500 words.

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