Kaius the Fierce (Orc Mates)

When the orcs invaded the human dimension, no one could stop them. War raged for years, and now the monstrous beasts have agreed to peace on two conditions: one, the human scientists must rebuild the machine that brought them into this world; and two, they must be provided with fertile brides to bear them orc babies.

Grace Adams is out of options. Fate hasn’t been kind to her, and she feels like she’s failing at every step. With too many responsibilities on her shoulders, it’s hard to keep a job and pay rent on time, and she’s so tired of the men she comes across taking advantage of her. The worst part is that the one she loves most has to suffer for it, too. She needs to get away. She needs to try the one thing she hasn’t tried yet – becoming an orc bride. Maybe this time, she’ll find someone to take care of her for once, protect her and nurture her like she’s always dreamed.

Kaius the Fierce knows this is a bad time to take a human mate, but the life of a captain can get lonely, especially when he’s so far from home. Since his horde landed in the humans’ dimension, not much has changed. He’s still fighting with an enemy horde over land, and it doesn’t help that in their home world, they each pledged their loyalty to enemy war chiefs. For Kaius, life is a never-ending battle. Maybe it’s selfish of him to bring sweet, curvy, gentle Grace in the middle of it, but he can’t help it. He feels like she needs him, and protecting those who need him has always been his calling.

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