Year One: Dreamers (Grim Reaper Academy - Legacies, Book 1)

My name is Yolanda. I look like Iím in my twenties, but Iím not. I look human, but donít let that fool you. Iím unlike any other supernatural out there. I canít fly, I canít move objects with my mind, and I canít read minds. What I can do is dream. I am a dream jumper. I can travel to parallel dimensions and see worlds most donít even know exist. Iím also a hero. Iíve saved this dimension from destruction once, and now I have to do it again.

Grim Reaper Academy is my destiny. When I get the letter in my mailbox, I know itís time for me to continue the legacy of my cousin, Mila Morningstar. She left some things unsolved. Iím not worried. Iíve had two centuries to prepare. It should be easy enough to save the world again. Now, if only the two VDC A-holes Ė an incubus and a sphinx Ė would stay out of my way, and the hot PE professor Ė Unseelie, descendant of Gilgamesh himself, they say Ė wouldnít trip me at every step. Itís like they donít want me to kill the monster hiding under the Academy.

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