Year Two: Rebels (Grim Reaper Academy - Legacies, Book 2)

Isolated from the world. Locked up because I’m a danger to others and to myself. Who would’ve thought I’d end up in the Karmic Asylum? They throw in here the supernaturals who’ve gone mad or rogue, they pump them full of drugs and potions, and wait for them to wither away. This won’t happen to me, because I have friends in high places. My Grim Reaper cousin, Mila, will come to my rescue. All I have to do is wait.

When Mila doesn’t show up, I start losing hope. Then, the tree men who I thought were my enemies get me out of this nightmarish prison, and I realize I owe them my sanity. Davien, the incubus – he will consume my soul. Seth, the sphinx – he’s worshipped me all this time; how didn’t I see it? Adrian, the Unseelie warrior… He wants something from me, something I’m not sure I can give him. He begs me to save the most important woman in his life. And no, that’s not me…

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