Monster Hearts Books 1-3: Orc, Naga, Kraken

The first three books in the Monster Hearts series!

Alien monsters walk among us, and the International Monster Research Association captures them, studies them, and uses their findings for the greater good. Or that's what they want you to think...

What happens when the smart, curvy girls working for IMRA discover the monsters are their fated mates? Even if they want to hide it, deny it, there's no arguing with a big, hot, scary monster who knows what belongs to him.

Heart of an Orc – fresh out-of-college lab assistant and a big, cinnamon orc!

Heart of a Naga – snake whisperer faced with a naga prince!

Heart of a Kraken – marine vet treats a many-tentacled kraken!

Only read if you’re into men who are out of this world!

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