Heart of a Naga (Monster Hearts)

I've traveled the world, put distance between me and my past, never spent too much time in one place. When the father who abandoned me reaches out and tells me I'm the only one who can help him with a top-secret project, I don't hesitate. All I've ever wanted was for him to see me; that's why I became a scientist.

In the IMRA research labs, they study alien monsters. I've been passionate about snakes since I was a kid, so I'm used to being around the cold-blooded reptiles. But when Dad shows me his test subject, the temptation to run is overwhelming.

This isn't just an alien snake. It's a gold-skinned naga! Sixteen feet long tail, shimmering scales, deep, intelligent eyes. And venomous beyond belief! He's already killed one lab assistant, and if I don't turn out to be the snake whisperer I think I am, I'm next.

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