Heart of an Orc (Monster Hearts)

Fresh out of college, with a degree in Biochemistry and wild dreams for the future, I canít believe my luck when I get a job as a lab assistant with the mysterious organization IMRA. But then I find out IMRA stands forÖ ummÖ International Monster Research Association, and thatÖ ummÖ alien monsters exist, and now Iím not even allowed to talk about my job at home!

Deep breath. I can handle this. Iím a professional, and this is a great opportunity.

Oh, whatís the job description? So glad you asked! ItísÖ let me check. Ah, right! Collecting test samples from a recently captured green-skinned beast thatís as tall as a mountain, a bit too growly for my taste, and could certainly break out of his cage if he wanted to.

An orc. Iím to collect various bodily fluids from an alien orc.

Deep breath. Donít panic, Lou. Come on! Youíre a professional. *sweat drop*

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