Surviving Year One (Grim Reaper Academy, Book 1)

You thought there was only one Death? Aww, that's sweet...

Just like all little girls, I hoped I was special and that one day my powers would be revealed. My parents would be bewildered, my friends would equally worship and envy me, and my bullies would run away in terror! Nothing happened when I turned 10. I didnít grow wings at 12, still wasnít able to make things move with my mind at 14, and at 16 I was already too old to believe in such nonsense. Well, what do you think happened the day I turned 18? I got the confirmation that I was only human. In the mail! Oh, and also an invitation to apply to the Grim Reaper Academy. Because, apparently, humans can be Grim Reapers, too.

Fast forward to day one, semester one, year one. Thereís a test! No one told me Iíd have to take a test to enter! But there are only 22 Grim Reapers in the world, the competition is tough, so I guess it makes sense? If I pass, then I will be sorted according to what kind of Death Iíll make if I survive the rigors of the Academy. Merciful Death? Neutral Death? Oh, please God, donít let me be sorted into the Violent Death Cabal! All the A-holes are there! And I donít think I can compete with Holier-Than-Thou Sariel (cause heís an archangel, you see), Jerkface-No-1 Pazuzu AKA Paz (cause all demons are major morons), Mr. Bow-To-Me GC Apis (ugh, false gods are the worst), and Francis (no idea what his deal is, he doesnít talk much).

But this is my chance, dammit! This is what Iíve been waiting for all my life! Okay, so Iím not a princess, or a mermaid, or Sailor Moon. But I can be a Grim Reaper one day. Iíll take it!

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