Saving Year Three (Grim Reaper Academy, Book 3)

Grim Reaper Academy is a prison, and my father is the jailor. Since heís been appointed Headmaster, heís been changing all the rules. Thereís a curfew now, students are not allowed to gather in groups, and all connections with the outside have been cut. And donít think that because Iím his daughter, the rules donít apply to me. On the contrary, heís even more of a tyrant. Heís forbidden me from seeing my lovers, GC and Paz. He says heíll find me a match worthy of my name.

Unfortunately for him, I am my fatherís daughter. I do not break. I donít even bend. And just to piss him off, I wonít only keep dating GC and Paz, but I might even adopt Sariel and Francis, too.

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