Alien's Redemption

I was going home when I was abducted by aliens. Then the ship crashed, and I found myself lost and alone on an alien planet. Iíve been running for two days. It seems that aliens of all shapes and sizes are after me simply because Iím... human. And a woman. They say human females are universal breeders, and that weíre extremely valuable. I wonít let them catch me. I wonít let them sell me.

When I think Iíve finally found shelter, I fall into the worst trap. Then a brute of a man with sharp tusks and skin like ice shows up and saves me. His name is Koínar Eisvir, and heís not who I think he is. Heís not my rescuer. Heís my new captor.

If I bring my king one of the universal breeders that have just crashed all over the outlaw planet known as Reazus Prime, I might be allowed to return home. Itís been three years since Iíve been banished, and I want to see my parents and my little sister. But I first have to prove to the king that Iím still useful to him. Maybe heíll forgive me when he sees the human female Caroline, who can give him what the old queen cannot anymore Ė children.

But Caroline is tempting. Curvy, feisty, and oh-so-delicious... I feel the urge to have a taste, and then keep her all to myself. I thought the reason I havenít found my mate was because I couldnít find her away from home. Now I look into her sparkling green eyes, and I find myself questioning that theory.

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