The Sacred Maiden (Rise of the Ash Gods, Book 3)

Never the kind of witch to work with deities, Valentina is getting rather good at it. She’s convinced four powerful gods to join her on her quest to save the Major Arcana and restore the Mysteries of the Tarot. She needs to track down at least four other gods, but that will have to wait. Family comes first. And her family has been possessed by creatures from another dimension. It’s up to her to exorcise the foreign entities. Except… she’s never performed an exorcism before…

Add a broken time sensor on top of that, a curse as old as her witch lineage, and she’s got enough on her plate. And when it comes to Loki, Veles, Jupiter, and Nergal, Valentina can’t decide whether she’s made the right choice, or gotten herself in over her head. Only time will tell, but time is running out.

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