Snowbound with the Winter Lord

I was looking forward to a cozy writing retreat with my best friend, at a cabin in the mountains, but when a snowstorm hits and the roads become impracticable, I end up alone, in the middle of nowhere. And then the power goes out, thereís no signal, and I hear a knock on my window. With a candle in hand, I look outside, and thereís a blue-skinned man with antlers staring back at me.

I never liked the world of humans. I like it even less when I must leave my home behind and I end up in the middle of a vicious snowstorm, and the nearest shelter is a cabin thatís occupied by one of them. I ask the human woman to let me inside, and she answers by blocking all entrances. I soon realize my short exile in the human world is not going to be made easy by the bright-eyed, curvy beauty who denies me everything I crave.
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