Stolen (Primal Obsessions, Book 4)

My name is Emma and Iím a thief. But now itís my turn to be stolen.

One last job. One last break-in, and I couldíve been free. The intel was wrong, though. Rune, Leif, and Iver Ophidis arenít just normal reclusive billionaires. Theyíre dragon shifters, and they wonít tolerate anyone stealing from their hoard.

Iím a captive of three beasts that could easily tear me apart with their bare hands. Iím afraid theyíll consume me and everything I love. And yet, when our eyes meet, when they touch me, itís so easy to surrender to their fire.

They despise me for stealing from them, but in the end, theyíre the ones whoíve stolen my heart.

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