Alien's Temptation

All I wanted was to travel the world. My world. Not some alien planet thatís trying to kill me at every step.

One minute, Iím admiring the pyramids, the next, Iím being abducted by aliens. Then something goes horribly wrong, and my pod crashes on the most hostile island. And right on top of another alienís ship!

Thev is a massive wall of green-skinned muscle, all covered in tribal tattoos. Oh, and he has long, sharp tusks! Basically, he looks like an orc from fantasy movies, but when I tell him that, he disagrees. He says heís a Zokunian, not an orc. And he also says Iím in his way, and heís on a mission.

I hate it that I have to beg him to help me. What I donít hate is the Zokunian custom of going around shirtless.

My mission is to find my sister, bring her home, make her queen, and then follow my calling to become a priest.

That means I will never take a mate, a fate Iím resigned to because I havenít found the other half of my soul, and Iím too old and itís too late.

When tiny, curvy, rosy-cheeked Angie literally crashes on top of me, Iím determined to ignore her and mind my own business. But sheís sweet, enticing, and oh-so-human! The more time I spend with her, the more I start questioning what I thought was my destiny.

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