Uthar the Hunter (Orc Mates)

Beth Moore will do anything to save her sister. She’s the only family she’s got left in this world, and the thought of losing her to cancer is inconceivable. When every treatment and therapy fails, Beth knows that the answer will not come from human medicine. It’s a good thing that hordes of orcs landed in this world years ago, that they have magic, and Beth has something she can trade for it – herself. She offers herself as tribute, joins an institute for orc brides, and then prays that the captain who chooses her will come to care enough about her to save her sister’s life.

Uthar the Hunter used to be a raider. Now he is a captain, taking over from the late captain of the horde, who treated him like a son. But he isn’t blood, and when the true son and heir shows up with his own horde, a feud breaks out. In the orc world, a rank is not inherited. One has to prove himself and earn it. Uthar will not step down. He will show everyone that he is a true captain, even if that means he has to take a human bride and put an orc baby in her.

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