Wed to the Wolfman (Arranged Monster Mates)


Even surrounded by my devoted wolves, I feel alone and forsaken. The legends of my clan say that an Alpha without a mate will wither in time, and weakness will infect him until a stronger wolf will challenge and dethrone him.

I cannot allow that to happen.

Iíve searched for my mate far and wide, and when I couldnít find her among my species, I turned to the walled cities of the humans. They are filled with fair, fertile females, but none of them smells or feels like my mate.

There is one last thing I can try. The Temple. Can a simple draw of blood match me to my fated mate? I donít believe it.

Until I see her. She is beautiful, fierceÖ She is untamable. Her scent tells me all I need to know.

She is mine.

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